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About Proudfoot Poultry

We produce ALL our own Free-Range Chicken under the name PROUDFOOT FREE-RANGE CHICKEN

Our chickens have access to outside all day all year round. They are free to pick out worms and insects from the grass and explore outside and have a straw bed inside their huts to keep them comfortable all year round. The odd chicken seems to prefer roosting outside in a tree though. 

Our chickens have good strong legs as a result of all the running around which means they can grow to a larger size than commercially produced chickens. For Christmas we can grow our chickens to 4kg and 5kgs, the size of a turkey. Growing our chickens slowly having lots of exercise produces great tasting breast meat and structure which holds its shape when making curries and casseroles

Our Process compared to Commercial

There are only a small number of poultry abattoirs in the country who supply both independent butchers and supermarkets. We have a license to process our own poultry at our farm so our chickens only travel metres from the field to be processed, There is no need for loading on lorries and transporting miles and processing in huge numbers. Our chickens are treated quietly, calmly and individually removing the stress from the birds during the process. This improves meat quality. 

Our History

The Benefits

The benefits of eating our Proudfoot Free Range Chicken are that you can eat our meat in the knowledge that our chickens have lived a happy and natural life in the fresh air living longer than those produced commercially without the need for long travel. The result is a truly wonderful flavour and very noticeably an incredible smell whilst cooking! As with all Free-Range meats our chicken tends to have a lower carbohydrate, water and fat content than commercially produced chicken. This all helps to make our Proudfoot Free Range Chicken great for the chicken’s welfare and a healthy option for you too.