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About Blessed Olive Oil

Small Family Business

The Blessed Olive is a small family business based in the UK. Made of two families from Crete, The Paterakis and Stefanakis families have enjoyed the wonderful taste of this olive oil for many years and now feel it is time to share the great product.

The family groves are in the eastern part of Crete, at the edge of the cosmopolitan town of Agios Nicholas and the pretty village of Lithines.

What Makes Us Different

The main ingredient of Greek food is Olive oil. Crete is well known for its high quality olive oil. Most of the population own a small olive grove which has been handed down through the generations. The olive oil grown in the eastern part of Crete is different from that found in the other parts of the island. It is lighter and has a very distinctive smell and taste, making it ideal for cooking.

What We Do

Reusable Glass Bottles

At Farm Gate, we are very concious about the amount of packaging used in commecial food production.

We reuse all of our glass bottles from the Olive Oil. When you first buy 'Blessed Olive' Olive oil, you will pay a deposit of £2 for the bottle. This then means when you require a refill, just return the empty bottle and we will replace it with a full bottle, having cleaned and reused them.

This not only saves on waste of glass but stops the use of plastics in all our products, helping not only landfill but the enviroment.