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Tel: 01347 868894

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Farm Gate Free Range Butchery And Farm Shop

YO61 3QB, York, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

Mob: 07759609106


The Baggins,

Thornton on the Hill

North Yorkshire.

House open on farm - CURRENTLY CLOSED.

Our Farmshop is open Saturday 10am-1.00pm

come speak to us about any of our products and ranges.

FREE Doorstep Deliveries of all our Products


Thirsk, Sowerby, Oldstead, Thormanby, Bagby, Raskelf, Alne, Tollerton, Flawith


Husthwaite, Brandsby, Wass, Ampleforth, Coxwold, Whenby


Stillington, Hunt, Sutton on the Forrest, Crayke, Oulston, Yearsley