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About Our Meat

It's Natural

All our meat is produced completely GM free and as naturally and organically as we can. While we do not possess an organic license, we do follow the organic procedures and regulations. No pesticides or chemicals are used on our farm and we believe in giving the animals the best quality of life they could have.   While many animal activists protest against eating animals, in reality humans are omnivores. What we do believe though is that every animal deserves to have a good life and a happy one. We ensure that our animals have more space and land than regulations require and we believe in old fashioned techniques.

Knowledge Is Power

Buying from a small business also makes it traceable. All of our meat is produced and reared on farm. While in a butcher, they can sometimes tell you via their board which farm supplies them, but unfortunately these boards are noticeably never changed and the butcher can answer very few questions regarding traceability. If you have any questions at all about the breed, genetics, welfare or anything we would be happy to answer. We believe knowledge is power. After all, this is going into our bodies and feeling it. We owe it to ourselves to know where it comes from and that it is good quality.