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About Legolas Lamb

We produce ALL our own Free-Range Hogget under the name LEGOLAS FREE-RANGE LAMB

We have a flock of Wensleydale breeding ewes, producing Wensleydale cross lambs. Wensleydale sheep are a large sheep from Wensleydale, North Yorkshire, a native long wool breed sheep with black faces and ears. Their wool is very popular with home knitters due to its softness. When our ewes are no longer used for breeding they get to live out their lives in retirement keeping the grass down for us and dying of old age. Therefore it is only occasionally that we have Mutton available.

Fully Free Range

Our sheep stay outside all year with straw filled housing and hedges for them to get out of the weather when they choose. Wensleydale sheep are and an inquisitive lot, intelligent and very spunky. Contrary to many peoples understanding, a lot of commercially reared lambs are kept inside for a great part of their lives especially those born over winter.

The Benefits

Our lambs are born outside around Easter and as they grow, they have long gangly legs before they slowly put on weight. This type of growth lends itself very well to the production of Yorkshire Hogget, this is lamb in its second season. We sell our hogget at 10-20 months old. The larger animals produce beautifully tender and good-sized chops, leg and shoulder joints. The meat is not excessively fatty and has a wonderfully coloured tender meat with beautiful depth of flavour.  

The benefits of eating our Legolas Free Range Lamb are that you can eat our meat in the knowledge that our sheep have lived a happy longer, natural life in the fresh air and they taste wonderful . 

This all helps to make our Legolas Free Range Lamb  great for the sheep and a healthy for you too