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Pippins Free Range Pork

We produce ALL our own Free-Range Pork under the name PIPPINS FREE-RANGE PORK

Our sows live outside all year round in groups of 2-4 per hut with 24hour access to a grass paddock. They are free to wallow in mud to cool down in the summer and have a deep straw bed inside their huts to keep them comfortable all year round.  

When our sows are ready to farrow (give birth) they are walked over to the farrowing arcs, one for each individual sow. In the farrowing arcs they deliver their piglets and stay with them for 3-5 weeks frequently the sows let us know when they’ve had enough of their piglets. Whilst in the farrowing arcs the sows and piglets have constant access to a grass paddock and deep straw bed. 

At 3-5 Weeks

At 3-5 weeks the piglets are weaned from their mothers and the sows are returned to their communal group in a hut to recover before visiting the boar again. The piglets are grown on in their separate group in a hut with deep straw bed and an outside paddock for their whole lives.  

As each of our pig’s lives outside their whole life they eat a greater amount of food than pigs reared indoors. They also grow at a slower rate outside than pigs kept inside. This results in free range pork having a better deeper colour than indoor pork (which is typically pale in colour) and produces a superior taste. 

Our History

The differences between our strategy and commercial

Abattoirs supplying independent butchers and supermarkets want animals of a certain weight. As we produce our own animals for our own customer’s, we use a small abattoir and grow our pigs for longer and larger. This again adds to the taste and structure of the meat and makes our chops good old fashioned large sized chops, tenderloins and medallions. 

As our free-range pigs eat more food living outside and live longer than indoor reared pigs the cost is obviously higher to rear a free-range pig. This is the reason Free Range Pork is more expensive than the usual indoor pork sold at butchers and supermarkets.  

The benefits of eating our Pippins Free Range Pork are that you can eat our meat in the knowledge that our pigs have lived a happy longer, natural life in the fresh air than those reared inside. They taste wonderful and Free-Range Pork tends to have a lower carbohydrate content than indoor produced Pork and so helps you feel fuller and so you tend to eat less. This all helps to make our Pippins Free Range Pork great for the pig’s welfare and a healthier option for you too.