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About Hesper Farm Skyr

Award Winning

Set off the beaten track in the Yorkshire Dales, Hesper Farm is home to pedigree Holstein Friesians – The Aireburn Head.  Their award winning herd has twice won the North of England competition and reached the top six of The National Herd Competition. It is this passion for farming, for cows and for quality that stands Hesper Farm so well.

Icelandic Goodness

Sam comes from a long line of determined farm folk, so few doubted him when he set off for Iceland saying he’d return with a remarkable new dairy product (and maybe a few new Nordic jumpers). And so he left for the land of the Vikings, hoping to return with something legendary. Sam knocked on some doors until he met Thorarinn, a renowned master of skyr. Thorarinn makes skyr that sells like crazy across Iceland. Luckily for Sam, Thorarinn liked his style and set about teaching him the age-old artisan skyr techniques.

The only ones in Britain

To make the very best traditional skyr, as we do here at Hesper Farm, takes us till the cows come home. It’s a very simple, yet labour-intensive, 24-hour process with minimal machinery. It takes about three times as long as yogurt to make and it cannot be rushed. We think our skyr is well worth the wait.  We’re proud to be the only British farm making authentic skyr, and to have had the thumbs up from Thorarinn. We have taken our time to learn from the best and Thorarinn has visited the farm, where we use our own milk and make the skyr onsite, to ensure we’re doing Iceland’s food heritage proud.