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How We Work

You Don't Have To Be Home When We Deliver

Our Baskets Make Life Easier

We use a basket system to provide ease while delivering. They are fully insulated, provided with chiller blocks if the contents requir, and are fully secure from cats And pests due to their zip lock.

this system means you do not need to be home when we deliver, we Just drop off your products in the insulated basket and are on our way. farmshop quality meats

FREE Doorstep Deliveries of all our Products


Thirsk, Sowerby, Oldstead, Thormanby, Bagby, Raskelf, Alne, Tollerton, Flawith


Husthwaite, Brandsby, Wass, Ampleforth, Coxwold, Whenby


Stillington, Hunt, Sutton on the Forrest, Crayke, Oulston, Yearsley