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About Leagram Dairy

We are a little dairy surrounded by beautiful countryside and set in the picturesque village of Chipping and was the first place Lancashire cheese was made commercially

We produce many award winning cheeses brought together by the expertise of Robert (Bob) Kitching and his family. Our range of cheeses includes our native creamy, crumbly and tasty Lancashire.

Our cows' milk cheeses are produced under organic standards to the highest quality and yet still made in the traditional way - by hand and finished by dipping in hot wax to seal in the texture and flavour

As our dairy is small we can easily produce different varieties and Bob is constantly creating and refining various cheeses. One of our latest creations is a Lancashire soft cheese, similar to feta but sweeter - What other cheeses can you bruiee?

With 30 years experience Bob created a dairy for visitors to see how cheese is made today and a museum to see how cheese used to be made

With the help of this expert cheese maker, who brought the art of cheese making to life in his unique demonstrations, Bob was an inspiring, very amusing speaker, a born entertainer and award winning cheesemaker. In just 45 minutes he could demonstrate the art of cheese-making and have you rushing home to start making your own cheese