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Farmgate Milk Butter & Cream

Have you ever wondered why milk no longer has a layer of cream on the top like it used to?

People don’t think of milk as being a processed food, but it is far more processed than you realise.

All commercial milk now goes through a process called homogenisation after it is pasteurised. (Pasteurising simply means to sterilise the milk, making it safe for consumption and improving its keeping quality)

Homogenisation is when the milk is blasted at high heat to evenly distribute the fat molecules throughout. The only real reason to do this, is so it doesn’t clog up the machinery during the process.

But is homogenisation a good thing?

When you homogenise milk, it smashes up the fat globules, making them go from 3.5um to less than 1um. 

Some scientists suggest that these changes in the fat globules increases digestibility, resulting in increases in some peoples sensitivities. This is potentially a leading cause in the rise in lactose intolerance. It’s not always an intolerance to dairy but some suggest the intolerance to homogenisation. 

So it makes you wonder, do you really want to be drinking something so processed?

Our Milk

Our ethos is to supply food with as little processing as possible for health reasons and reducing the impact on the environment. 

We buy all our milk raw from a small single source dairy, meaning we have full traceability of the cows. We then pasteurise it ourselves and bottle it on farm, meaning you get the freshest milk possible.

While all our milk is pasteurised, it is not homogenised, therefore leaving you with the old fashioned creamy tops you used to get, and none of the unnecessary processing.