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Boggle Hole (Dark) 250g


Dark Chocolate, Molasses & Blackcurrant.


Please note: to reduce packaging waste, all our coffee is sold in brown paper bags or your own container.

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Boggle Hole is our darkest, smoothest and most sumptuous coffee, with almost zero acidity. The perfect coffee for breakfast or brunch and a long-standing favourite for our amazing Baytown customers.

Boggle Hole is recommended for use with your Cafetière but, as it’s a very amenable coffee, it works equally as well as a pour-over.


This coffee uses two beans, the Brazil Monte Alto and the Colombia Supreme.

Brazil Monte Alto, a pulped natural coffee sourced from the Guaxupé region of southern Brazil. Grown at an altitude of 1,150m above sea level, this high-grade coffee is well rounded, smooth and offers relatively low acidity.

Colombia Supreme is grown at an altitude of 1,800m to 2,000m in the Antioquia and Huila districts of North-western Colombia. The cool, mountainous climate prolongs the development of the coffee cherry, deepening the flavour of this washed coffee.


Country of origin: Brazil, Colombia
Process: Natural and Washed
Altitude: 1,800– 2,000 meters
Roast: Dark
Tasting notes: Dark Chocolate, Molasses and Blackcurrant


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