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About Us


Hi, my name is Renzo Valerio from Renzo's Biscotti, here’s a bit about myself. Growing up in a big Italian family food has always played a big part in my life and it’s what brings our family together to eat as much as we can and just enjoy each other’s company.Ever since I was little I was always in the kitchen either cooking or playing with pots and pans round my grandparents house, I would always be there helping them causing mischief but I loved it. It was them who influenced me in the kitchen as they always asked me to help them and I always said yes because I was interested and fascinated about what they were going to make, and I haven’t looked back since, I’ve always loved food, making it and eating it.When I was 16 I then went onto study hospitality and catering at Bedford college where I got a NVQ level 3 diploma in cooking, i studied there for 4 years. Then a new course came along which was a patisserie course, and that’s the one that always fascinated me more, so I then joined up to that course for that 1 year and I learnt so much about that industry it was amazing, and I knew that’s where I belonged making desserts.After leaving college I then worked at 2 very well known hotels in Bedford and a restaurant, and my job was to do mostly everything in the kitchen, but I did focus more on the patisserie side of the kitchen which was challenging but so enjoyable and fun to do, i learnt so much from the head pastry chefs at both hotels and restaurants and I was truly honoured to work for them.I then decided to go my own way and start a new business of my own which specialised in bespoke cakes for any occasion, but also to make traditional Italian pastries and also Italian biscotti which everyone has complimented and say they love, and that’s made me make more varieties of biscuits with different flavours and I can honestly say that I haven’t had one bad comment about then. So with the help of my Mum and Dad I’ve had the room to expand and develop my own business and to supply more local and independent business around North Yorkshire. I love what I do and I will continue to perform to the best of my abilities and to make and produce the most beautiful cakes and the most scrumptious Italian biscotti that you will ever taste.I hope that you all enjoy what I have produced for you and that you come back for more.