All our Products are Made in Yorkshire

Please see allergen information on each individual prodcut

About Us


Baker Dan Barrow brings his twelve years experience as a pastry chef and baker to the making and baking of our breads and pastries.  He aims to constantly develop his knowledge and skills and the products we make.


Life at our bakery revolves around the firing and cooling cycles of our oven.  First the focaccia, fougasse, buns and rye loaves go through, to be replaced by the larger loaves and then the sweet pastries as the oven cools slightly.  As the oven loses temperature further the grains and nuts are toasted, followed by the tomatoes and apples for drying.  Then in goes the wood that we've coppiced the year before and we're firing up again.


We aim to grow delicious varieties of vegetables, herbs and fruit that are well suited to breads and pastries.  In season sweet cherry tomatoes, oven dried, add intense flavour in our breads, heritage varieties of potatoes add heartiness to our pies and cape gooseberries and borage flowers bring colour to sweet tarts.  Herbs are great for bringing in interesting flavours, for example in our salsa verde and garden pesto spiral rolls.