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Veg and Fruit Boxes

About Our Veg boxes

ORGANIC meaning; no pesticides or chemicals used. 

  • Our Salads are grown mainly in Beverley 
  • Our UK seasonal Vegetables are grown mainly near Kirbymoorside and Tadcaster with some coming from Lancashire 
  • Our Non-UK veg are limited but added to increase the variety on offer. We have Sweet potatoes, Root ginger and Avacados. 
  • In the British hunger gap season (February to May) when the British weather means little is growing we do bring in veg from Europe but go back to British veg as soon as its available. 
  • By keeping as much as possible locally grown we keep the food miles down to a minimum. 
  • We do NOT supply any of our veg IN PLASTIC helping to keep us more environmentally friendly and our carbon footprint low. 
  • The half size bags are supplied in paper carriers. 
  • The small, medium and large choices are supplied in returnable cardboard boxes.


Fruit Only

Up to 3 Fruit

Half size Veg Only

Up to 5 Choices of Veg

Mixed Options

6 Choices (Up to 2 Fruit)

7 Choices (Up to 3 Fruit)

Fruit Only

Up to 3 Fruit

Large Mixed - 9 Choices (Up to 4 Fruit)


 Worth £6.50


 1-2 persons, up to 5 choices.

Worth £7.50


2 Adults, up to 6 choices.

Worth £10 EXTRA £2 FREE


2-3 Persons, up to 7 choices

Worth £12.50 EXTRA £2.50 FREE


 4 Adults, up to 9 choices.  

Worth £18. EXTRA £3 FREE