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Bay Bank Organic (Medium) 250g


Raisin, Blackcurrant & Nougat. Balanced, full-bodied & clean.


Please note: to reduce packaging waste, all our coffee is sold in brown paper bags or your own container.

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Put your feet up and relax, Bay Bank can be enjoyed in a variety of ways – suitable for use in your Cafetière, as a pour-over or even in a Moka Pot. Bay Bank is the ultimate all-rounder.

We roast a light and dark version of this coffee, marrying them together to create the unique flavour profile we’ve come to know as Bay Bank. The dark roast gives the coffee depth and smoothness, while the medium roast adds a little sweetness. A truly flavoursome creation.


For this wonderful single-origin coffee, we use Peru El Oso beans sourced from the Cajamarca region of Peru.

Shade-grown, with the use of native fruit trees such as Huabas, Alicaro, Eritrina, Figs, Mangos and Pico Pico amongst other things. This farm is managed according to the Organic and Fairtrade standards through the 121 project, which puts us in contact with the farmers directly.



Country of origin: Peru
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1,500 – 2,000 metres
Roast: Medium and Dark
Tasting notes: Raisin, Blackcurrant and Nougat

Ground, Beans


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