Coxswain (Light) 250g


Orange, Prune & Jammy. Bright, fruity & sweet.

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A single-origin, light roast with nice acidity and a bright, slightly sweet taste.

This incredibly versatile coffee can be used as a pour-over or in your Cafetière, it could also be used for creating fruity and bright espressos, to really put a spring in your step!


Coxswain uses the Colombia Supreme coffee bean, grown at an altitude between 1,800m and 2,000m in the Antioquia and Huila regions of North-Western Colombia where supreme refers to the size of this big coffee bean!

This coffee-growing region of Colombia offers a cool, mountainous climate that prolongs the development of the coffee cherry, deepening the flavour of this washed coffee.


Country of origin: Colombia
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1,800 – 2,000 metres
Roast: Light
Tasting notes: Orange, Prune and Jammy

Whole Beans, Ground


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