Yau’s Prawn Crackers


For those indulgent moments, or when you are entertaining, there’s nothing like our extra thick Prawn Crackers to get the taste buds going. Perfect for snacking, they’re quick to cook (a few seconds in hot oil) and are deliciously crispy.

Yau’s Prawn Crackers are made with real prawn and come up super thick for extra bite.

Contain Shellfish

Gluten Free


Serves 4-6

INGREDIENTS: Ingredients: Tapioca Starch, Sugar, Prawns, Garlic, Flavour Enhancer E621, Acidity Regulator E330, Raising Agent E500ii.

ALLERGENS: Shellfish


About Yau’s Kitchen

Bonnie Yau’s Food Products Ltd was established to create a range of sauces that addressed the needs of a growing number of consumers who prioritised quality over price and had genuine concerns over their health and what kinds of ingredients were being used in prepared sauces.

So, drawing upon our previous experience as restaurant owners, we decided to produce our small range of sauces and trial them in the shop. The first product was a Sweet & Sour sauce, which also happened to be all natural – no MSG, no Colourings. After an overwhelmingly positive response, we took the plunge and set about creating a business that specialised in all-natural, free from sauces.

What do we do?

It starts with flavour, then we look at how we can create a recipe that is also free from the main allergens. It was a challenge to produce something that was best in its category for flavour, easy to use, had a long shelf life, and contained nothing artificial. But we did it. It’s been a long road but what we learned along the way has been extremely valuable and will enable us to continue to produce products you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Although it all began with a range of popular Chinese favourites, we have since begun to introduce flavours from other parts of Asia, including Vietnam and Thailand. On the horizon there will be products from Korea, Malaysia and Japan too.


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