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Secret Bakery Five Seeds & Oats


Seeds aren’t just for birds – they’re also delicious in sourdough! With Oats, Linseed, Sunflower, Pumpkin, Sesame and Poppy Seeds, this sourdough brings a deep, crunchy flavour, full of fiber with every bite.

Sold fresh – for optimal flavour, consume within 2 days of purchasing.


About The Secret Bakery

‘When bread is made using the age-old tradition of time, it is much easier to digest, and the yeast has time to breakdown the proteins in the flour, so not only is our bread totally delicious it’s also easy to digest.’ 

A small, micro bakery, Secret Bakery is based and baked in the town of Harrogate.

All their bread is made in the traditional way, using water, salt and a naturally cultured levain (sourdough starter) or Yeast. This means there are no processing aids or other artificial additives.

All their flour is sourced locally from Marriages Millers, a family run business which has been producing excellent quality flours for almost 200 years.


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INGREDIENTS: Malthouse (Granary) flour, water, yeast, Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Linseeds, Sesame Seeds, Poppy Seeds honey and a little salt.


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